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Invoices to be issued per term or at the start of a billing period. Competition fees and extra lessons undertaken privately will be billed separately. Annual membership and admin fees are non-refundable. Payments are to be settled within three weeks of notice. If you are away during the school holidays you must notify us at the start of the term and we will not invoice you for the holiday period.

Payments that are not made on time will result in gymnasts not participating in lessons until all fees are settled. Fees owed to the club will be passed on to a debt collector and may result in negative credit ratings and additional recovery costs being incurred.

No refund or discount are given on missed lessons by personal choice, gymnastics trips, outside events, holidays or any other reason including illness (less than two weeks). Any gymnast who requires leave of absence for non medical reasons for two weeks or more, may be eligible for a discount of 25% from the third week forward.

Makeup classes are to be made during the current term and credit will not flow onto the next term. Parents must contact the club in writing and ask for a makeup class. Turning up to a makeup class without written approval is not permitted. Three makeup classes are the maximum amount per term.

An injured gymnast may be eligible for a reduced injury rate of 50% regardless of whether they attend classes or not during the injury period. Application for injury discount must be made in writing with an attached medical certificate.

If you are running late to collect your child you must notify us. It is our duty of care to stay with your child. If you are more than 15 minutes late after our packup/finishing time, you will be invoiced a $20 late collection fee.

Our structure follows the principle of: the more hours undertaken by a gymnast the lower the hourly rate.

A minimum of two weeks notice is required. We have a 50% refund policy.